Tayloe Piggott Gallery is pleased to present Confronting Time, a selection of figurative sculpture work by mother-daughter duo BibiMichèle, on view in Jackson Hole from May 10th through June 13, 2021. The artists, (mother) Michèle Deiters and (daughter) Bibi van der Velden, first began collaborating at the bequest of a friend and contemporary art collector for his sculpture garden in France, and it was a near-immediate revelation for both their artistic practices.

The very first work the two women created together presents both a ruminative and blockbuster experience at once—undeniably the centerpiece of the exhibition. The Tit is just that—a massive, reflective single breast of poured stainless steel. The highly polished surface integrates its surroundings—the lush greenery of a country garden or the visage of the gallery viewer alike—into the experience of the piece itself. “For us it was a way of connecting heaven and earth,” notes Bibi. Stemming from the experience in creating The Tit emerged a series of hands and stylized heads, in bronze, brass, and alabaster, as well as a wall of translucent alabaster Tits, designed to become a site-specific bespoke installation.