“Bibi and Michèle complete one another, automatically complementing and fusing their energies. Just as naturally they see into each other’s brains while working and don’t shy away from building on each other’s thoughts. They work and create together in a way that gives new meaning to the words “working together”. What Michèle and Bibi do strikes me as completely unique.” – Simon Levie | Director Rijksmuseum (former)

“Michèle and Bibi’s amazing collaboration forces us to consider not so much the emotions that connect them, but the spark of creativity that ignites them.” – Rattan Chadda | Contemporary art collector
“Together creating sculptures, in a sea of deafening silence and calming turbulence. Like a shell both parts combine into one. This is how I see Michèle and Bibi.” – Jan Cremer | Writer and Painter
“Working on something that had been thought-through together was an intense revelation. It became a totally symbiotic experience, based upon unconditional trust. They were operating on the same creative frequency. Where one finished, the other continued, creating a perfect flow, giving an extra dimension to their combined effort.” – Melanie van Ogtrop | Art historian