“Good art knows no gender”, say critics of feminism.

This view has had much influence on the self confidence with which women have decided for a life in art.

In the new millennium “women’s art” — in the sense of art created by women — has allowed a number of women artists to make a name for themselves with their highly subjective view of the world through the camera lens, contemporary paintings and by the increasing use of the digital media. Nor did sculpture remain a purely male preserve.

The conventional wisdom remains “true talent will be recognized for what it is, those who possess it will be successful”.

As a close friend and an avid contemporary art collector myself, I have followed the work of Michele Deiters over the years and bought various pieces.

Michele was always technically brilliant and had a passionate intensity which was clearly evident in her work as she tried to erase the fixed boundaries of what she could achieve.

Her current collaboration with her daughter Bibi who is an incredible artist and a gifted jewellery designer, has brought a totally new dimension to the new works created by this mother/daughter team.

The mother brings the intensity of emotion and the craft and the daughter brings the creativity of thought and new ways of communication.

The new works by this dream team is unique and dynamic and has produced mixed media installations where mother and daughter are exploring the “essence of time”.

Pictorial visions between yesterday and tomorrow. Beautiful androgynous heads lie encased in perspex vessels and the interpretation is left in the minds of the observer. Highly polished voluminous breasts suggest the sensuousness and sexuality with equal detachment.

Michele and Bibi’s amazing collaboration forces us to consider not so much the emotions that connect them, but the spark of creativity that ignites them.