The starting point became a thought, an idea, a concept: Capturing Time.

Working on something that had been thought-through together was an intense revelation. It became a totally symbiotic experience, based upon unconditional trust.

They were operating on the same creative frequency. Where one finished, the other continued, creating a perfect flow, giving an extra dimension to their combined effort.

It was as though the work was fuelled by a duplication of force, by an unspoken chemistry containing an unknown vigour and an unknown strength.

There can be a rare moment in life, when a mother and a daughter share the same strength, awareness and wisdom, and where their life curves meet.

This new project came at such a moment! It was a serendipitous moment when they could commit to this artistic relay and hand over to each other the baton combining their own profound experiences.

A moment of perfect synchronicity.

Over time Michele has developed a fascination with time, sensitized by the coming and going of time, the rhythm of nature and time being ephemeral.

Michele lives by what the Greeks called a Kairos clock: qualitative time.

Bibi on the other hand; is inquisitive, constantly pressed for time, no minutes lost. She has a visceral hunger to use every second, whether creating or recording processes or developing ideas.

Bibi lives on a Chronos clock: quantitative time.